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Century Ambulance All Services

All Services

We are always open to serve you, 24/7.

To provide all of our clients with superior service, all of our certified EMS crews are dispatched by a highly qualified team fully equipped, state of the art vehicles, including advanced communication and vehicle tracking systems to get you to where you’re going – efficiently and on time.

Traditional ambulance companies operate from a model which neglects the unique requirements specific to each patient. At Century, we put the emotional, physical and financial well-being of patients first.

Basic Life Support – BLS

BLS is non-emergency transportation during which we provide safe, medically supervised transport to patients who require medical monitoring and supervision without advanced interventions. Each BLS unit is manned by two EMTs, or a Certified Driver and an EMT. Each transport is tailored to the patient’s condition and needs to ensure not only a safe medically supervised transport but also as comfortable and relaxing a ride as possible.

Advanced Life Support – ALS

We provide ALS services to facilities as well as 911 assists to local counties. Each of our 24-hour ALS units features a team of one paramedic with critical care certification (CCEMT-P) as well as another paramedic or an EMT, and they are trained to handle emergency calls and transports with a professionalism unmatched in our region. The ambulances are equipped with all the equipment and ALS drugs necessary to provide a higher level of medical care and respond to any emergency situation including mass casualty incidents and other disasters.

Specialty Care Transports – SCT

SCT is a level of care beyond the ALS transport which is performed by paramedics who have received additional specialized training specific to the diverse needs and challenges posed by the medical conditions of SCT patients. Our crews are trained to work closely with additional levels of support such as nurses, respiratory technicians and physicians when additional hands and skills are needed.

Critical Care Transports – CCT

Our commitment to the highest levels of training and education shows in the CCT service we provide. Century requires an additional layer of certification for its 24-hour paramedics. Along with most of our paramedics, they receive training through the nationally recognized Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program (CCEMTP), which places us in a league of our own. We currently have more CCEMTP certified paramedics than any other private or public ambulance/rescue service in the region.

Neonatal and Pediatric Transports – NICU/PICU

We partner with children’s hospitals in the region to provide their critical patients a mobile PICU/NICU setting while being transported between facilities. We operate several units designed for this specific purpose and have dedicated teams that have been specially trained to work with hospital transport teams.

Stretcher and Wheelchair Transports

These transports are designed to transport individuals in non-medical wheelchairs or stretchers safely and comfortably when it is not covered by insurance. Each unit is staffed by a crew trained in CPR at a provider level while each driver has completed the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) to ensure patient safety and comfort. These transports can be from facility to facility, home to facility, facility to home, home to pharmacy or other destination, and more.

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